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What is a Crypto-backed loan at MyConstant?


MyConstant is an asset-backed P2P borrowing platform based in the US. Instead of checking your credit score before giving you approval, we use your crypto as collateral.


Starting from as little as 6% APR , you can borrow against your digital assets within minutes, allowing you to unlock the value of your collateral without selling them. 


There are no credit checks at MyConstant, and you can pay back your loan at any time before the term ends. It's a perfect solution/ tool to shore up your portfolio, start a business, or even invest in more crypto.


Why choose Crypto-Backed Loans over other service providers?


First of all, a 24/7/365 support team to walk new customers step by step through the tool to make sure customers make it right according to their expectations. Help you become familiar as soon as you feel safe. But no worry, a lot of optimizations have been done to gain the best user experiences on every transaction.


Second, the highest Security to your collateral by our mechanism of course every platform can have their risk by anonymous attack through the network. We do preserve $10M with combining any forms of assets including stablecoin, fiat and digital for compensation to ensure you do not lose a cent and give customers peace of mind while doing other Business activities.


Offers are always heading to better excellence everyday, Customers are the centric point to be focused on. Best rate, best term with easy to use and ready to serve with loading up to 1 Million transactions per second.


  1. Easy and Fast Loans 

Loan is released in minutes with FREE exchange or trading fee from loan amount to more than 73+ cryptocurrencies.


  1. Secure your collaterals

Send, store, and manage your collateral wherever you go, safely secured by highest security technology and ready to recall whenever you need.


  1. Borrow anywhere, anytime

Don't be a slave to your bank's opening hours. MyConstant is always open, no matter what time of day, month, or year.


  1. Intuitive, simple UX

Manage MyConstant with just an email address and password. Clear, easy to use interface, with consistent feedback at every step.


  1. Trustworthy

Trusted by core team tokens as well as receiving great attention from communities with Past collaborators (ZIL, FTM, DASH, MATIC, TOMO, ONE and FIRO,..).





Crypto-backed loan is for everyone:

Say hello to the lowest interest rate from just 6% in the markets with accepting 73+ cryptocurrencies.



Crypto OTC agencies can use crypto-backed loans to finance their trading operations or invest in stablecoin liquidity to earn attractive interest.



Miners need to pay for the electricity maintaining their mining operations, but would rather not sell their mining rewards to do so. Instead, they use MyConstant.



Many crypto traders hedge using stablecoins. With MyConstant, they can put those stablecoins to work and generate a passive income.



Our crypto-backed loans are an alternative funding channel for business expenses instead of selling ICO-raised cryptocurrencies.



Investors in the US and other countries can earn 50x better interest with us than a typical savings account.



Crypto exchanges can use their crypto liquidity as collateral for loans to finance their operational expenses and margin lending.



Traders can unlock the value of their cryptocurrencies without having to sell up. This gives them flexible access to liquidity when they need it. 


How does Crypto-backed loan work?


An overview of the MyConstant System


The Matching Algorithm

For P2P lending investments, you can borrow any amount and choose the term and interest rate you want to pay as little as 0% APR.

Through the MyConstant algorithm, borrowers are matched with investors based on your chosen rates and terms.

Loan terms:

We have a very simple and lowest interest structure with our loans, set out as below:


Term APR
Trial 30 days 0% 
30 days 6%
90 days 6.5%
180 days 7%


Other fees: 

There is a 3.5% matching fee when MyConstant matches you with a lender. This is paid upfront.

How It Works with Cryptocurrencies

You can easily use your cryptos as collateral to take out a loan in crypto or USD


  1. step one:

The first step is to register your details and pass KYC checks. The approval process should be completed in a matter of hours, but sometimes it can take longer depending on the documents you submit as proof of identity.


  1. Step two:

The next step is to decide how much you need and how much collateral you can put up. Please remember, it needs 150% of the loan value as collateral.


  1. Step three: 

Find collateral in the drop-down menu. That will show how much crypto you will need to put up as collateral for the USD or crypto you would like to borrow, and also allows you to decide the length of your loan term.


And that's it. Just three steps to borrow and you receive more cryptos in minutes.


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